What is Club Fitting?

At Axis Golf Academy and fitting Center, we believe that proper Club Fitting plays a vital role in the golfer’s ability to get the most out of their game.  Proper equipment allows a player to hit the shots they have been training toward.  It has been proven that a golfer’s swing technique will change as the equipment they are using necessitates.  This concept makes proper club fitting a must for any golfer wanting to improve.  Your Axis Golf Academy professionals have spent years developing the knowledge and expertise needed to be considered some of the best in the business, backed by achievements such as being named one of Golf Magazines Top 100 Clubfitting facilities (previous) as well as Ping’s Top 100 Clubfitters  2014, 2015.

Here at Axis, we take a look at every component of the golfer’s equipment.  This includes the driver, fairway woods, hybrids, irons, wedges, putter and golf ball.  We work with equipment from every major manufacturer.